The wine and beer selection at this year's Passion Fundraiser includes:

Between the Lines

Our main lineup is craft products that are fun to taste. The whites are absolutely quaffable and the red wines are barrel-aged for only a short time to try and preserve the fruit. The “Reserve” wines are our way of showing off what this old barn can house. We go through a careful process of selecting the best possible grapes of Wertsch Vineyards to turn them into something extraordinary. Try some Lemberger while it is available. (see more)

Marynissen Winery & Estates

At Marynissen Estates, we believe that exceptional wines come from exceptional grapes. With this in mind, the Marynissen family established the winery in 1990 in Niagara-on-the-Lake to bring to you our own estate grown and bottled wines. (see more)

PondView Estate Winery

Though PondView Estate Winery is one of the newest wineries in Niagara-on-the-Lake, it is likely the winery most steeped in old world traditions.
PondView Estate Winery is owned by Luciano (Lou) and Adriana Puglisi. Lou is the third generation grape grower in his family, who hail from Sicily, Italy. His father, Giuseppe Puglisi emigrated to Canada and brought his knowledge of grape growing with him. (see more)

Reif Estate Winery

The enjoyment of wine is an encompassing sensory experience. Not only is wine to be tasted, but it should be observed with the eyes, the nose, the feel in the mouth, and by the intrigue created as the wine plays against other flavours on the palate.
At Reif Estate Winery, the philosophy of rich sensory experiences extends well beyond the wine and is evident in every aspect of the facility. (see more)

Small Talk

Introducing Small Talk Vineyards. A series of distinctive VQA wines that expose the dramatic gap between what you say, ... and what you think.
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Cool Beer Brewing Co. Inc.

This gold-medal winning lager is brewed with North American hops and malt leaving your taste buds satisfied with a flavorful clean finish. Pour a crisp golden Cool Lager and you’ll understand why we say, “You are what you drink!” Cool!
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